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Get 10x value out of your HR the Rightwaay!

What can be Outsourced?

Most of the HR administrative tasks, Corporate Training, Assessments etc can be outsourced. Rightwaay manages all HR tasks from hire to retire. 











How It Works?

Conducting interviews to find a right candidate could be a laborious and time consuming task, especially during start- up days when you need to focus on multiple things simultaneously. If you hire in house  you may hire a junior resource who does not know how to manage. If you hire specialists, it will cost you more; so, HR outsourcing could be an ideal choice to start building a team of talented staff hassle free.

How Much Does HRO Cost ? 

HR outsourcing has a huge benefit for small businesses. If you are thinking of switching to a managed HR system in your small organization, the main questions that will hit your mind include how it can be done and what will be the cost?


Where Does HR Outsourcing Start?

Building a strong team is essential for every business and it can be put up in two ways either by taking the charge of hiring in your hand or enlisting a HR professional. Generally, HR role start with the foundation of your company but sometimes your budget does not allow spending on building an in-house HR team considering the fact that HR consists of so many complex tasks and requires specialists in various fields like Recruitment, Payroll, Training etc. Hence outsourcing is the alternative option to choose. It is an effective technique for many small companies to handle HR concerns smartly within a limited budget. You can think of HR outsourcing at any stage.



What are main benefits of HR outsourcing?

1.Unlimited Cost Reduction

  • HR outsourcing reduces cost not only by hiring employees quickly but in many other ways too like staff cut down, less legal fees, and low insurance premiums etc.

2.You Will Remain More Focused on Business

  • HR outsourcing also helps you to fulfill day-to-day administrative duties efficiently and as a result you can remain more focused on your business operations that lead to positive results in the form of fast growth.

  • Because of your efficient working style, employees morale increases, productivity increases.  

  • It improves their work culture as well their retention rate.

3.Get Access of High Level of HR Expertise

  • Employees hiring and retention is not an easy task because it involves some legal and technical issues, which can be a great hassle to many small businesses especially in early days.

  • However HR outsourcing makes it easy and ensures that your company remains in compliance with the modern HR practices and techniques.

  • You will have access to High Level of HR Expertise without bothering to think about expanding your HR team for more skills or experience.

Our Approach Towards Outsourcing Services

1. Pay for what you need, when you need it:

  • You can outsource your entire HR and payroll needs to Rightwaay if you are a small business and do not want to have a separate HR or payroll department in house



  • You already have existing staff, Rightwaay can work with your team to bring in systems that will work efficiently to meet the goals.


2. Fixed fee pricing

  • Rightwaay believes in fixed fee structure. A predictable fee means you will have an accurate budget for your outsourcing HR and payroll requirements.


3. Service at your doorstep

  • Rightwaay also provides“Onsite” services; the team members will be visiting your office at a specified frequency to work on the HR and payroll tasks.

4. Remote HR Team

  • For those of you  who do not want additional cost of setting aside infrastructure like a computer, a workstation, internet, electricity etc for the support staff, Rightwaay offers Remote HR Services.

  • This means that all HR and Payroll activities will be carried out in the Rightwaay premises and reports sent to you by mail.

  • Meetings shall be held through phone/mail/chat/video conferencing.

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