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Diversity Workshops

We offer Diversity & Inclusion programs that help your teams truly understand and appreciate and celebrate the goodness in each other! 


Diversity means having a good mix of people from different groups. They can all differ from each other is various aspects like nationality, race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, education etc . Each person is unique and brings them different perspectives, learnings, talent, knowledge and skills. The power of diversity brings in different ideas that can help the organisation grow! 





Inclusion means that the organisation has to make efforts to ensure that it is a safe place where diverse people can work together and thrive. Efforts have to made that differences are understood and appreciated by all team members. A platform for hearing different ideas, appreciating different opinions and views and an atmosphere that allows everyone to blend in irrespective of their differences has to be created. 




Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the workplace is another important aspect to ensure safe workplaces. Team members must feel secure and know that there is a mechanism of communication and grievance redressal if ever they had to face harassment or discrimination at the workplace. 


We at Rightwaay help you form the right policies for Diversity& Inclusion thus helping you create ‘ A Great Place to Work’ 

Why do organisations need a D& I policy? 

In today's VUCA world, there is a war for talent and skills. Though the number of graduates passing out is increasing, the employability rate is going down year on year. Companies continue to invest a lot in attracting the right talent. Having a great D& I policy ensures that we are able to hire the best talent from around the world, thereby bringing in diverse ideas, which in turn benefit the company's productivity and ultimately the profitability.

It has been estimated that closing the gender gap would add $28 trillion to the value of the global economy by 2025 – a 26% increase. Put simply, companies and societies are more likely to grow and prosper when women gain greater financial independence.

The need is to get skilled people on board and paying attention to Diversity and Inclusion ensures that you remain competitive and grow your business!  

We help you unravel your potential and demystify D&I 

  • What is Diversity & Inclusion

  • What is the case for it?

  • Why promoting gender equity is important for growing your business?

  • How to build high performing teams by appreciating the differences?

  • How do you teach your leaders to be inclusive?

  • How to ensure that you are creating a safe workplace which is harassment free?

  • What kind of a mechanism should you build to hear complaints?

  • How to eliminate bias during an inquiry and be fair and just?

  • What are the laws around Sexual harassment?

  • How to create awareness and sensitise your teams?


Start building an inclusive team!

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