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Beyond Resolutions

Smart Goal Setting for the New Year

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Been trying to quit smoking, lose weight, start your own business for quite sometime? 


Have you been setting New Year Resolutions and failing every time? 


No worries! Setting Goals and keeping up with your resolutions is a system and not just a one time affair. 


If you want to have meaningful, lasting change in your life-you need a guide, a system.

All of us want to do so much more, however life happens and our goals just remains wishes.

Yes, a goal without a plan is just a wish!



This Smart Goal Setting Program will help you:

  • Create Personal and Professional Goals

  • Create a step by step plan to achieve it.

  • Get tools and resources to achieve them

  • Get questions answered to tackle obstacles

  • Get an accountability partner who tracks your goals

What’s in this System?


This is a comprehensive guide to installing systems that will help you achieve peak potential in your personal and professional lives, not just in 2021, but for the rest of your life.


It’s a roadmap for:


  • Identifying your inner values and aspirations

  • Designing your life vision and mission

  • Setting goals that are achievable

  • Using reliable systems that will help you be consistent

  • Methods to help you make progress little by little, not just till the mid of January when all new resolutions fail, but till the end of the year.

This workshop has helped hundreds of people live their dream lives and it could change your life forever! 


Join us online the 2nd of January, Saturday at 10 am. 


The link will be mailed to you once you register. 


Our regular price for this workshop is Rs. 1999/- 


But we have a sweet deal for you if you register before the 30th of December.


Just use the discount code SPECIALDEAL4U and the price gets slashed by 90% to just Rs. 199/-


This deal is only for the first 50 people! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

WARNING: This workshop is not for the fence-sitters. Its for people who want real meaning and value in their lives, for those who want to make a paradigm shift in their lifestyle and mindset. 


I promise that if you put this system into practice, you’ll see results at a level you have never experienced before! 



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