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What's your Resilience Quotient?

People are different, however psychology studies show that they are predictably different. They can be classified into 4 main types, Pioneer, Influencer, Supporter and Perfector.

The general population breakdown is that 3% of people are classified as Pioneers, 11% are Influencers, Supporters are 69%, and 17% are Perfectors. How each of us think, communicate and act depends on our style. Our Resilience Quotient depends on who we are and what our natural strengths are. 

To know others is knowledge but to know oneself is wisdom. Know Yourself, become aware of your strengths, limitations, motivators, stressors. 

Fortify your strengths, work on your limitations.


Smart Goal Setting

All of us want to do so much more, however life happens and our goals just remains wishes. 

Yes, a goal without a plan is just a wish! 

This Smart Goal Setting Program will help you:


  • Create Personal and Professional Goals

  • Create a step by step plan to achieve it

  • Get tools and resources to achieve them

  • Get questions answered to tackle obstacles

  • Get an accountability partner who tracks your goals

 Aabha women coaching program

Aabha Women Entrepreneurship Development

Aabha is our special workshop designed for the holistic development of women looking to lead and grow, whether in business or in life. Our coaching program will help women to:

  • Discover their natural strengths and become self-aware

  • Build self-image, esteem and confidence

  • Build a positive mindset

  • Cross over obstacles and limitations

  • Build  nurturing relationships

  • Hone their people management skills

  • Value time and learn to do more with it

  • Prioritise and set goals 

  • Be better leaders by tapping into their feminine sides

  • Become aware of woman's rights and laws pertaining to it

  • Learn an easy way of managing personal finances

  • Learn basic self-defence tips

  • Tune into their emotional and spiritual quotient

  • Learn basic make up, grooming, styling tips

  • Be a diva overall and unleash their potential! 


POSH Awareness & Sensitisation

Employee Awareness Sessions on POSH 

  • Evolution of the law

  • Understanding what is sexual harassment

  • How to deal with an incident as victim or accused

  • Guidelines to create a sexual harassment free zone 

Capability Training for the ICC

  • What is ICC & its importance

  • Role & responsibilities of ICC members

  • Understand the inquiry procedure for providing redressal Identify redressal options – Inquiry and Conciliation

  • Do’s and Don’ts for the Committee members


Sensitization Workshops

  • Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

  • Basic psychological and genetic differences to be appreciated by both genders

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